Recycled orange Berriez tights
Recycled orange Berriez tights

Recycled orange Berriez tights

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Our recycled tie dye tights in semi- opaque 40 Den smoke ring print in bright orange and true blue. Each pair is unique and color and print will vary slightly. Our recycled line also takes a little differently to dye and tends to dye brighter in color. Handmade with toxic free dye in house by us, with love! Available in up to 8X in our regular tights. A custom pair for our dear friend, Emma of Berriez:)

Choose from regular footed, stirrup or footless tights. If you choose footless or stirrup tights these are made from our regular footed tights and sewn after the dying proceeds. Samples images are in last slide for silhouette reference and fit. If you have a thread preference like matching or funky contrast color, just add it in the notes section at checkout.

Made from recycled nylon yarn produced in a way that reuses the residue from the production of regular tights. Through reusing the excess material, a new fiber is created while saving water, material and minimizing the amount of waste. These are available in up to 8X in our regular tights line too.

Per 1 ton of produced yarn: 
- 6194kw of saved energy, which is 87,6% less than in regular production.
- 18 cubic meter of saved water. 
Total: 55% fewer resources

*Please allow up to 2 weeks to prepare as they’re made to order, although orders are generally ready in a few days.

*Care tips- We suggest hand washing them in cold water and line drying. If you use a washing machine, use cold water and a delicates garment pouch and avoid the dryer. Be careful of things that will snag them, like filing nails before putting them on and removing rings to keep them snag free. Email us with any questions:)

*Sizing- They look small!! But they have a lot of stretch.