Wear Your Feelings X Shop Journal

A collaboration with the super talented trio at Wear Your Feelings, featuring our made to order handmade tie dye pieces and jewelry. Creative direction and all images by WYF.
Founded by artist Hillary Pearson, Wear your feelings is Hillary Pearson, Sydney Donovan and Stacy Collado. It is a multi-faceted creative agency specializing in brand expression by way of movement, music, fashion, and film. We focus on content creation for social media on the basis of how the product makes us and the consumer FEEL, using unconventional means of storytelling through movement and creative direction. With each of our unique creative backgrounds and vast pool of artists, Wear Your Feelings provides the opportunity for you to bring your brand to life with production elements like choreography, styling, creative direction, film, storyboarding, and more. We also provide live performance opportunities that can enhance your customer’s experience at your private event or other happening, using your product to manifest a tangible, experiential mood.